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Utilize our advanced home security system and devices to unlock the full potential of your business applications.
Cloud API 丨 ARC Integration

An Integration Solution with Roombanker's Smart Home Security API

Roombanker’s smart home security system integration provides a comprehensive solution for smart home and security companies. With our open API, including optional ARC protocol, you can seamlessly integrate device hardware with cloud services or connect cloud-to-cloud. This enables rapid development and deployment of your branded smart home security systems. Our solution streamlines the integration process, speeds up your product launch, and gives your business a competitive edge in the market.

How Does the Integration Solution Work?

What Can This integration Solution Do for Your Business?

Our smart home and security system integration solution features an open API designed to streamline the whole process. In addition, our ARC protocol enables security alarm businesses to easily integrate with ARC centers, ensuring robust connectivity and operational efficiency.
Open API
Devices Management
  • Add or Delete Devices
  • Modify Information of Devices
  • Devices Function Configuration
  • Real-time Device Status Query
Scenes Management
  • Arm Stay
  • Arm Away
  • Custom Arm
  • Disarm
Rooms Management
  • Get Rome List of Hub
  • Create Room
  • Modify Room
  • Delete Room
User Management
  • Get User List of Hub
  • Add User
  • Modify User
  • Delete User
ARC Protocol
Contact ID
Contact ID
SIA protocol for ARC center

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integrated security systems connected to ARC center

Why Choose Roombanker

How to Get Started?

FAQs of Roombanker Smart Home and Security Integration

Our basic security system integration service is free! This means we'll help you connect your system with your existing system and devices. However, if your request involves modifying hardware or software for more complex integrations, there may be additional charges based on the specific needs.

The Roombanker API empowers a wide range of partners to unlock the full potential of our smart home security system. This includes:

  • Security System Integrators & Installers: Streamline your operations by easily integrating Roombanker with existing systems during installation.
  • Smart Home Companies: Enhance your product offerings by seamlessly connecting your devices to the Roombanker ecosystem.
  • Brand Builders & Entrepreneurs: Leverage our secure API to develop innovative smart security solutions under your own brand.

Integrating Roombanker Smart Home Security System enables you to simplify new product line development, reduce cost, add remote management features, so as to fuel solution innovation and boost market competitiveness

The Roombanker API offers comprehensive control over your smart security system, empowering you with a range of features across four key modules:

  • Hardware Device Management: Effortlessly add, remove, and monitor the status of your security devices, including hubs and periphery devices.
  • Security Scene Management: Arm, disarm, and customize security settings to perfectly match your needs.
  • Room Management: Organize security system for optimal control. Easily add, rename, delete, and assign rooms to your devices, creating a clear and efficient security layout.
  • User Management: Manage user access with ease. View a comprehensive user list with different permission levels (super administrators, app users, local users). Add, delete, and configure user permissions for complete control over system access.

The Roombanker API offers two flexible docking methods to suit your development needs:

1. Direct Hardware-to-Cloud Connection:
Ideal for experienced developers with hardware integration capabilities.
Utilizes the MQTT protocol for communication between your server and our gateway hub hardware.
Provides granular control for advanced integrations.

2. Cloud-to-Cloud Connection:
The simpler and faster option, perfect for most developers.
Our cloud server connects directly to yours, allowing you to leverage the API functionality seamlessly.
Minimizes development complexities for a quicker integration process.

The ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) protocol in home security refers to the set of procedures and technologies used by a monitoring center to receive, assess, and respond to alarm signals from security systems

The ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) plays a central role in ensuring your home security system triggers the appropriate response. Here's a breakdown of how it functions based on the type of response service:

  • Key-Holder Response:
    Upon receiving an alarm signal, the ARC operator follows a designated protocol. They will attempt to contact pre-designated key holders (e.g., homeowner, neighbor) in a predetermined order until someone is reached to investigate the situation.
  • Police Response:
    The response requires additional verification to ensure a genuine emergency. The ARC operator might look for additional triggers or verification methods (e.g., confirmation from security cameras, secondary sensors) before contacting law enforcement. This critical step helps to minimize false alarms and ensure a swift response for real emergencies.

Roombanker provides ARC centers with a robust and reliable communication infrastructure for seamless alarm signal reception and response. Here's how we ensure smooth integration:

  • Industry-Standard Protocols: We support both Contact ID and SIA codes, ensuring compatibility with most monitoring center systems.
  • Multiple Communication Channels: Our systems offer flexible communication options, allowing data transmission via SMS or phone calls based on your ARC center's preference.
  • Customization Potential: (Optional) We understand that ARC centers may have specific needs. Contact us to discuss how we can potentially tailor our solutions to seamlessly integrate with your existing ARC center infrastructure.

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Roombanker believes in creating a better future through win-win cooperation. Whether you’re a startup seeking innovative solutions or a large enterprise expanding your reach, we’re dedicated to providing top-tier service and support to every partner. Contact us today and start building the future. Fill out the form below to get started.

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