Smart Plug

Smart plug modernize your spaces by converting your appliances and devices into smart products.

smart plug rbf roombanker options

The smart plug can transform ordinary household appliances into intelligent devices in just a few seconds of setup. For example, it allows you to effortlessly manage the on/off schedules of your devices and experience the convenience of timed switching. Additionally, you can benefit from its electricity monitoring and reminder functionality, tracking and optimizing your energy usage.

Standard Options
EU / UK / US standard
smart plug uk us eu rbf options
Child Lock
smart plug child lock
Custom Scene Linkage
Dual Control Modes
Power Usage Monitoring
power usage monitoring
Swift Reaction
Millisecond-level response
swift reaction smart plug
wireless technology
Long range, low power, high security
RBF wireless technology
All-inclusive App
Remote configuration and control with RB Link
all inclusive app smart plug rbf
Switching Status Memory
smart plug power

Minimal Configuration and Maximum Convenience

The smart plug is designed for immediate use. Simply plug it into standard outlet (European and American standard available), and it’s ready to operate right out of the box. There’s no complicated installation process or additional hardware required.

smart plug us scene
smart plug eu scene
smart plug uk scene

Unlock the Potential of Smart Plug in No Time

Activate and register the smart plug is a breeze. Just follow these three steps to make it all set and ready to use. Enjoy its features in minutes and experience the convenience it brings to your everyday devices with ease.

open app add device
Open the app to add devices.
power on smart plug
Power on the device.
registration successful smart plug
The device is registered successfully.

Advanced RBF Technology for Enhanced Performance

The smart plug utilizes the cutting-edge RBF protocol for bi-directional encrypted device communication, spanning an impressive distance of up to 1900 meters, and guaranteeing the utmost security and privacy. This makes it an ideal choice for a range of settings, including apartments, villas, and small shops.

smart plug uk us eu rbf 1900m

Connected Control and Automation via Multi-scene Linkage

The smart plug’s integration with other smart devices is made possible through our RB-Link app. By utilizing the app, you can establish device linkages through different methods such as triggers, manual control, schedules, and more, in order to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

trigger smat plug
manual control smat plug
Manual Control
schedule smat plug

Gain Insights and Make Informed Decisions on Energy Usage

The smart plug enables user to stay informed of energy usage with the real-time power consumption data statistics, conveniently displayed in the form of interactive charts on the RB-Link app. To ensure you never exceed your desired power threshold, the smart plug offers automatic notifications through various channels like app messages, SMS push messages, phone notifications, etc.

Basic Information
Electricity usage
Real-time load

Automatic Power Restoration for Continuous Functionality

In the event of an unexpected power outage, the smart plug is designed to remember and restore its switch state to the previous setting once the power is restored. This means you won’t need to reconfigure or manually reset the smart plug after a power interruption.

automatic power restoration

Safety-first Design: Overload Protection and Child Lock

Built-in Protection Mechanism

The smart plug incorporates both current overload and power overload protection to safeguard your devices and electrical system. When the current or power surpasses the set threshold, it will automatically cut off the power supply.

safety first design smart plug
Child Lock Features

Additionally, the smart plug features a child safety lock function, providing an extra layer of protection for your little ones, and preventing accidental or unauthorized use of the smart plug.

child lock feactures smart plug

Smart Plug FAQs

After the smart plug is plugged in for the first time, the blue light will continue to flash, indicating that it has entered pairing mode. Similarly, when the findme and signal test is performed, the blue light also flashes. The blue indicator light on and off also indicates that the smart plug is on or off respectively.

You can press and hold the pairing button on the smart plug for 5 seconds. When you see the blue light flashing continuously, the smart plug has entered pairing mode, and you can operate the app to connect to the network. Another method is to scan the QR code on the smart plug to connect to the network.

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