Apartment & Security Alarm Solution

With an innovative security alarm system as the cornerstone, Roombanker smart apartment solution combines intrusion alarm, environmental comfort and security monitoring, energy management together, in order to create a more secure and comfortable living environment for users.

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What Sets Roombanker Apartment Solution Apart?

Live Effortlessly and Stay Secure with Advanced Technology

Multi-system Management

Future-proof by Continuous Enrichment

Rooombanker Apartment Security System Topology

Whether it’s Zigbee, BLE, or RBF devices, or multiple scenes such as intrusion detection, energy management, and environmental monitoring, with a Home Security Hub and a RB-Link app, the whole-house multi-scene management brings convenience and efficiency to your fingertips.

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Tailored Smart Apartment Solution For Every Rooms

Each room presents its unique security challenges, and we provide smart apartment solutions specifically customized to meet the specific needs and challenges of each room.

Apartment & Security Alarm Solution FAQs

Yes, Roombanker's apartment security system is perfect for renters. The system is wireless, eliminating the need for drilling into the walls when installing alarm system in apartment, and making it easy to remove without leaving any marks. With our user manual and easy do-it-yourself installation process, you can easily secure your apartment and protect your belongings with ease.

The cost of an apartment security system can vary depending on the features and options you select. Roombanker's wireless apartment alarm system is a cost-effective option due to its self-monitoring capability. With the RB-Link app, you can oversee the system yourself, and there are no monthly fees charged. As for the device costs, it will depend on your specific needs. We suggest reviewing our range of tailored apartment security system solutions for every room to help you determine the best fit for your needs.

Please check our latest Roombanker Youtube channel for all the devices installation instructions. Also, you can find all the devices detailed introduction information on your Apps after you add them into your account.

Absolutely! Having a security system for your apartment is highly advisable, regardless of whether you own the property or are a renter. Here's why:

  • For apartment owners: Installing a security system can enhance the value of your property and offer added protection against potential break-ins or intrusions.
  • For renters: A security system helps deter burglars, provides early detection of potential threats, and offers a sense of safety in your living space.

At Roombanker, we offer a wireless apartment alarm system and devices that are perfect for both apartment owners and renters. These systems are designed with a DIY-friendly approach, making installation hassle-free, and they come at an affordable price point.

We recommend that you set up as many sensors as possible and set up different scenes to match different states and situations.

In the RB link application, there is a button to detect device signal strength in each sensor. Please check the sensor carefully to make it in working condition and keep the better signal.

In our RB link application, you can create your own custom scene by configuring each sensor.

We currently have three devices that support power monitoring, they are: Wall switch, smart relay and smart plug.

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