Roombanker Distributor Program

We're not just offering security solutions; we're inviting you to join a network dedicated to success.
Roombanker takes pride in being both the creator and curator of cutting-edge security and automation solutions. Our range of security and automation devices feature innovation, quality, and user-friendliness. We open doors to exclusive product access, marketing support, and comprehensive training.

Roombanker’s Distributor Program with Benefits

use easy
Easy to Use
  • Signal strength indicator to optimize installing position
  • Wireless design for less wiring layout
  • Beginner-friendly setup process within 10 minutes
  • Intuitive device management mobile app
Excellent Quality
Excellent Quality
  • Meticulous quality control from design to manufacturing
  • Internationally recognized ISO certification
  • Rigorous reliability testing in labs
  • Professional wireless performance testing

Compliance with a multitude of international standards including CE, FCC, RoHS, etc., meeting the regulatory requirements of markets around the world.

Fast Shipping Delivery

We understand that your time matters, and and that’s why we’ve streamlined our shipping processes to make sure you receive your order with speed and precision.

Joint Marketing Cooperation
Joint Marketing Cooperation

We’re looking for growth, not just plan fulfillment. We offer those resources:

  • Design resources: like high-definition product images;
  • Online advertising: online website product promotion; Local and industry social media brand exposure;
Online Support
Online Support

Exceptional support is the cornerstone of customer experience.

  • 24/7 FAE team: assistance and troubleshooting during critical phases of your projects.
  • Wiki Center: knowledge hub including user manual and QSG for hassle-free operation.

Roombanker Security & Automation Solutions

Feel free to Consult Detailed Benefits

Feel free to Consult Detailed Benefits!

The partnerships is about collaboration and shared success. We provide quality and simple-to-use devices, and you deliver excellence to end users. We work hand in hand to brings peace of mind and automated convenience to households everywhere.

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