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Roombanker Partner Resource Hub has all the marketing materials and resources you need to effectively promote and showcase our products. We are continuously updating and expanding our resources, and encourage you to share any suggestions to further improve user experience.

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Main Logo

Original logo, printed for use.

roombanker logo original

Black and white logo style:

roombanker logo white color
roombanker logo black color

Logo + Tagline

roombanker logo tagline vertical
roombaker logo tagline horizontal
roombanker partner branding logo vertical
roombanker partner branding logo horizontal


roombanker logomark dark
roombanker logomark white

Roombanker Technology Logos

RBF technology

RBF, developed by Roombanker, is an exceptional two-way radio protocol that delivers outstanding performance in long-range capabilities, low power consumption, and high-security data transmission. RBF provides a reliable solution for seamless interaction between the Smart Hub and wireless peripherals.

roombanker technology logo rbf white bg
roombanker technology logo rbf dark bg

Logos of Roombanker App

roombanker app logo white bg
roombanker app logo dark bg
roombanker apps logos design

Device Information

Multiple Use Examples

roombanker products line rbf
roombanker products dark background
roombanker products white background
roombanker products gray background
roombanker kit dark background
roombanker kit white background
roombanker kit gray background
roombanker keypad gray background
roombanker half view line background

Proportions of Roombanker devices

home security hub size roombanker
Home Security Hub
indoor siren size roombanker
Indoor Siren
outdoor siren size roombanker
Outdoor Siren
keypad size roombanker
keyfob size roombanker
panic button size roombanker new
Panic Button
door magnetic sensor size roombanker
Door Magnetic Sensor
pir sensor size roombanker
PIR Sensor
temperature humidity monitor size roombanker
Temperature&Humidity Monitor
water leak detector size roombanker
Water Leak Detector
smart plug us size roombanker
Smart Plug (US)
smart plug eu size roombanker
Smart Plug (EU)
wall switch size roombanker
Wall Switch
relay size roombanker
smoke detector size roombanker
Smoke Detector
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