Intrusion Detection

An intrusion alarm system encompasses a suite of security devices dedicated to detecting and promptly alerting you to any unauthorized access within your spaces. This provides an additional layer of protection against potential threats, ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

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Roombanker Intrusion Alarm Solution is especially designed to protect residential and commercial properties, with industry leading intrusion alarm technologies, aim to keep your space protected with easy-of-use security system. Are you still worried about leaving your home unattended during holiday travel? Do you own an shop and worry that theft, robbery or other accidents might occur during your leisure time?

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Roombanker Intrusion Alarm System Features

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All-compassing Protection, Day and Night

  • Armoured by wide range of sensors to protect windows, doors, rooms and other areas where intrusions occur for confident security.
  • Edge-cutting detection technologies (Digital Temperature Compensation / IFT) ensure a stable and reliable security system, reduce the trouble of false alarms.
Stable and Secure

Stable and Secure

  • The Ultra-long Wireless Range (up to 3,500m), able to cover a 4-storey villa easily without any extender, unlimited installation location restrictions.
  • Extremely reliable data transmission with the edge-cutting technologies (FHSS, TDMA, LBT, AES-CCM Encryption etc)
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Easy Installation & Maintenance

  • No Wires, No Worries.
  • Ultra-low power consumption with replaceable batteries, easy for maintenance.
easy of use

When professionalism meets Ease-of-use

  • Fully Remote Control with a tap, one-click for Arm/Disarm, secure your space effortlessly with RB Link, Anytime and Anywhere.
  • Stay informed with real-time videos for visual verification, avoid the waste of manpower, time and money caused by false alarms.
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HD Live Video Verification

Coming soon
hd live video verification
home security smart hub allows for high-definition live video verification

Roombanker Intrusion Alarm Devices Collection

- Hubs -

The alarm hub serves as a the central intelligence of Roombanker Intrusion Alarm System, enabling users to establish two-way communication with a variety of wireless peripherals. Offering support for WiFi, Ethernet, and 3/4G options, the hub automatically switches between them to prevent network failures. With the alarm hub, you can set up security system in a flexible and easy-to-use way.

- Motion Sensors -

Motion sensor is designed to detect there is intruder entering into the protected spaces.

- Magnetic Contact -

Magnetic Contact could inform the first sign of room intrusion by detecting the opening door or window

- Panic Button -

Panic button allows you to trigger alarm manually in case of any panic situation to ask for help immediately.

- Control Devices -

Control device works as the human-machine interface for users to control the system locally

- Alarm Sirens -

Siren could indicate an alarm event, deter or even drive away the occurrence of potential invasion behavior.

- Relays -

Relay makes it possible to set scene-linkage to turn on/off output devices manually or automatically in milliseconds.

Ready to Defend? Activate Roombanker and Protect What Matters Most!

Intrusion Alarm System FAQs

Yes, you can arm and deactivate using our RB-Link mobile app.

Indeed, without a doubt. Please contact us for a custom solution if you would like to construct an intrusion alarm system for your house and villas, or apartment, as well as for retail stores and shops.

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