Door Magnetic Sensor

The surface-mounted door magnetic sensor always monitor the opening and closing status of doors, and reports the first sign of intrusion into the room.

Door Magnetic Sensor Roombanker

The door magnetic sensor features a split structure design, allowing for separate installation on doors and windows. In the armed state, when an unauthorized or unexpected entry is detected, the sensor will immediately trigger an alarm, providing a swift response to potential security breaches.

wireless technology
Long range, low power, high security
rbf safety long range low power
Signal Strength Indicator
Signal Strength Indicator Door Magnetic Sensor
Low Power Design
5.5 years lifespan
Door Magnetic Sensor Low Power Design
Triggering Distance
Door Magnetic Sensor Triggering Distance
All-inclusive App
Remote configuration and control with RB Link
rblink app pir sensor detail

Setup Door Magnetic Sensor Easily via a 1-2-3 Process

With just a few steps, you can easily set up the door magnetic sensor. The intuitive setup guide ensures that a quick and convenient establishment of a reliable door monitoring system, for your spaces’ peace of mind.

Add Devices App Control
Open the app to add devices.
Door Magnetic Sensor Power On
Power on the device.
Door Magnetic Sensor Add Successfully
The device is registered successfully.

Hassle-free Installation with Enhanced Functionality

With signal strength detection and trigger testing capabilities, the door magnetic sensor provides accurate feedback through indicator lights of various colors. Meanwhile, the surface mount (back adhesive) design allows for flexible placement options.

Door Magnetic Sensor Hassle-free Installation

Long-lasting Protection with Simple Maintenance

Our door magnetic sensor is powered by a standard AA battery, which is easy to replace. If we calculate based on a trigger frequency of 20 times per day, it can last for one year of worry-free use.
long lasting protection door magnetic sensor 5 years

Securely Connected Beyond Great Distances - RBF Technology

The door magnetic sensor adopts the high-performance RBF protocol, which can conduct secure two-way encrypted communication with the Smart Hub, with the stable communication distance up to 1900 meters. It is suitable for different places such as apartments, villas, and small shops.

door magnetic sensor
synced security integration door magnetic sensor alarm

Synced Security Integration for Immediate Response

The door magnetic sensor can be linked with other smart devices like an alarm siren through the Home Security Hub. Once an abnormal opening occurs, an alarm message will be sent to the owner’s mobile app instantly, and the siren will be triggered and sound at the same time.

* Execution actions can be deployed and adjusted based on the devices already installed in the home

Tamper-Proof Security Guarding Your Doors with Prompt Alarm

The door magnetic sensor features built-in tampering protection mechanism. Any attempt to forcibly dismantle the sensor will immediately trigger an alarm, ensuring prompt detection and deterrence.

Tamper-Proof Security Door Magnetic Sensor

Resources Center

Door Magnetic Sensor FAQs

After the door magnetic sensor is turned on for the first time, the green light will continue to flash, indicating that it has entered pairing mode. Similarly, when the findme and signal test is performed, the green light also flashes. When the back lid sensor or magnetic sensor is triggered, the red light will flash once.

When the door magnetic sensor is not paired, you can enter pairing mode by reassembling the battery. When the door magnetic sensor already has a pairing record, you need to unpair the device on APPs, then press and hold the pairing button on the device for 5 seconds. When you see the green light flashing continuously, the door magnetic sensor has entered pairing mode, and you can operate the app to connect to the RBF network. Another method is to scan the QR code on the door magnetic sensor to connect to the network.

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