Simple-to-use alarm keypad to arm and disarm your security system as well as control smart devices.

keypad roombanker rbf wireless

The alarm keypad embodies Roombanker typical product design style: sleek and minimalist appearance, adding a touch of elegance to your smart spaces. With one-key arming button and secure password disarming functionality, as well as customizable options, it serves as the perfect choice for smart space security and automation systems.

Quick Function Buttons
One-touch arming
keypad line
One-click Alarm
intuitive scene specific alarms
LED and Sound Feedback on Operation
led sound feedback on operation
wireless technology
Long range, low power, high security
RBF wireless technology
Duress Silent Alarm
duress silent alarm message
All-inclusive App
Remote configuration and control with RB Link
rblink app pir sensor detail keypad

Sophisticated Simplicity: Alarm Keypad with Roombanker Signature Look

The alarm keypad inherits the signature design DNA of Roombanker. Its white body exudes elegance and sophistication, enabling the alarm keypad seamlessly integrates into your environment, providing a visually pleasing and stylish addition to your security system.

sophisticated simplicity keypad
sophisticated simplicity keypad control

Energy-saving Design for Longevity-enhancing Performance

The alarm keypad operates efficiently with four AAA batteries and is incorporated an optimized battery lifespan feature. If there is no operation for 10 seconds, all lights will automatically turn off. With an average usage of arming and disarming once a day, the alarm keypad can provide continuous functionality for up to five years without the need to replace the battery.

energy saving design 5 years

User-Friendly Keypad Setup in Three Simple Steps

Using the keypad is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these three simple steps and then you can enjoy effortless setup experience. Our alarm keypad is designed with user-friendliness in mind and simplifies your security system with just straightforward steps.

add devices app control
Open the app to add devices.
power on keypad
Power on the device.
keypad add successfully app
The device is registered successfully.
* The functions of custom buttons can be configured through the RB-Link APP.

Exceptional Radio Transmission Technology - RBF

Equipped with the high-performance RBF protocol, our alarm keypad features an impressive stable communication distance of up to 1900 meters, offering extensive coverage for various settings including apartments, villas, and small shops. The bi-directional encrypted communication ensures real-time control and the confidentiality of your security system data.

keypad rbf 1900m

Versatile Operating Modes for Personalized Security

The alarm keypad offers versatile operating modes like the following listed, and you can choose the method that suits best. Additionally, the keypad allows for customizable permissions and supports simultaneous usage up to 32 users, enabling different people to have distinct levels of access and control in multi-user environments.

Quick Arming without PIN Code
one click full space arming keypad
Multi-user Operation (Arming/Disarming with PIN code)
password based full space arming
Lockout Mechanism
lockout mechanism keypad

Duress Silent Alarm: Covert Protection for Critical Situations

In critical situations, such as when faced with a burglar demanding disarmament, our alarm keypad offers the silent alarm function. By entering the duress code and clicking the disarm button, you can disarm the system with an alarm message discreetly sent to the outside world, ensuring help is on the way without alerting the intruder.

duress silent alarm protection keypad control

Three Active Alarm Modes for Every Emergency

The alarm keypad provides comprehensive security with three active alarm modes: fire alarm, emergency alarm, and medical alarm. By pressing the corresponding button for more than 3 seconds, you can automatically trigger the alarm. The keypad’s built-in buzzer will sound the alarm accordingly, ensuring immediate attention and response to the specific situation.

Fire Alarm
fire alarm keypad
Emergency Alarm
emergency alarm keypad
Medical Alarm
medical alarm keypad
stay one step ahead keypad

Stay One Step Ahead: Tamper Protection Alarm for Instant Intruder Alert

The alarm keypad offers a tamper protection alarm function that can be conveniently enabled or disabled through the RB-Link mobile app. When this feature is activated, any unauthorized attempt to dismantle the device will immediately trigger an alarm.

Resources Center

Alarm Keypad FAQs

After the alarm keypad is turned on for the first time, the green light will continue to flash, indicating that it has entered pairing mode. Similarly, when the findme and signal test is performed, the green light also flashes. When the alarm is triggered, the red light flashes continuously.

When the alarm keypad is not paired, you can enter pairing mode by reassembling the battery. When the alarm keypad already has a pairing record, you need to unpair the device on APPs, then press and hold the pairing button on the device for 5 seconds. When you see the green light flashing continuously, the alarm keypad has entered pairing mode, and you can operate the app to connect to the RBF network. Another method is to scan the QR code on the alarm keypad to connect to the network.

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