Smart House Solution

Roombanker Smart House Solution takes top-rated, easily-installed intrusion alarm system as the core, integrates smart home and energy management together to build a user-friendly DIY solution for creating smarter, safer and livable spaces.

smart house solution

Why Roombanker Smart House & Security System?

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High-performance Intrusion Prevention

  • Multi-dimensional prevention with industry-leading detectors placed around windows, doors, interiors and exteriors and any other site.
  • State-of-the-art detection technologies hlp reduce the risk of false alarms.
  • Visual verification improves the efficiency of alarm verification and avoids wasting manpower, time and even money on false alarms.
Ultra-long Range, Reliable Transmission

Ultra-long Range, Reliable Transmission

  • Self-developed RBF protocol extends communication reach up to 3500 meters, easily covering areas of house and villas;
  • Multiple technology including FHSS, TDMA , AES-CCM to enhance signal transmission reliability and security, and fortify anti-interference ability.
easy installation maintenance

Easy Installation & Maintenance

  • Plug and play operation, beginner-friendly operation instructions;
  • Wireless design eliminates the need for intricate wiring layouts;
    Low power design ensures prolonged battery life and fewer replacements;
  • Signal strength indicator for quickly identifying optimal installation spots;
  • Keypad/Keyfob/mobile app operation for seamless user experience.
Full Alarming Modes, Multi-scene Integration

Full Alarming Modes, Multi-scene Integration

  • Arm Stay for indoor activities during the night;
    Arm Away for when you’re heading out for work and holiday;
  • Supports up to 64 rooms and user-specific partition management;
  • Take command remotely with mobile app from anywhere;
  • Up to 64 customizable scene events to personalize integration.

Roombanker House Solution Topology

No matter how complicated your houses and villas are, with Roombanker’s smart house and security solutions, you can easily DIY your solutions, and with only one hub and one mobile app to manage all devices. Catering to house and villas’ needs, like more entrances, diverse indoor and outdoor spaces, wide coverage, etc, this solution add more outdoor devices and door and window sensing devices, compared with smart apartment solution.

apartment wireless monitoring devices
alarm control panel for apartment
mobile app for apartments security system

Room-specific Solutions to Elevate Living Experience

Considering houses and villas usually featuring multiple entrances, diverse indoor and outdoor spaces, and expansive coverage, we specialize in crafting tailored security and automation solutions for each distinct scene.

Smart House & Security Solution FAQs

It will not cause any interference, we use self-developed RBF protocols for communication, it has TDIMA and frequency hopping function to avoid interference.

Please check our latest Roombanker Youtube channel for all the devices installation instructions. Also, you can find all the devices detailed introduction information on your Apps after you add them into your account.

We recommend that you set up as many sensors as possible and set up different scenes to match different states and situations.

In the RB Link application, there is a button to detect device signal strength in each sensor. Please check the sensor carefully to make it in working condition and keep the better signal.

In our RB link application, you can create your own custom scene by configuring each sensor.

We currently have three devices that support power monitoring, they are: Wall switch, smart relay and smart plug.

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