RBF Technology
Connecting Your Spaces in RBF Way

RBF protocol, a more secure, sustainable, and solid technology

Devices to Connect Security and Ensure Safety

A smart hub seamlessly connecting a range of devices to create a unified and efficient security system for various environment.

Star-Quality Picks
Safeguard Anywhere You Need It
For Apartment

Intelligent automatic Settings, better protect the safety of living

For Retail Shops

Asset protection, exception warning, shop security easily set up

For Houses

Protect your home with one click

Detects and alerts attempted entry into your space.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor environmental parameters around the clock.

Indoor Enviormental Safety

Keep home always secure and smart easily.

Home Automation

Simplify your energy monitoring and control.

Energy Management

Roombanker is your reliable partner, dedicated to delivering highly professional, customizable, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrated security experiences. Our mission is to offer people top-notch security solutions coupled with user-friendly automation tools, making safety accessible to everyone.

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