RBF Technology
Connecting Your Spaces in RBF Way

RBF, a 3500-meter stable, solid, and secure protocol.

Safeguard and Automate Your Spaces in Easy and Reliable Ways

A complete home automation and security system with no contracts or additional costs. Automatically switch between wired and wireless WiFi or cellular connectivity as well as a 8-hour battery backup mechanism to enable enhanced and uninterrupted peace of mind. A mobile app to easily manage the system from anywhere.

What’s Popular at Roombanker
Fortify Properties with Complete Security and Automation

Complete room automation and entry point protection

Retail Shops

Prevent and deter thefts, instant SOS button provided


Prevent break-ins from perimeter and effectively deter intruders

Tailored Space Protection for Every Need

Detects and alerts attempted entry into your space.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor environmental parameters around the clock.

Indoor Enviormental Safety

Keep home always secure and smart easily.

Home Automation

Simplify your energy monitoring and control.

Energy Management

Choose Roombanker for complete home security and automation with an ideal balance of cost, quality, and custom flexibility. Our self-installed DIY system allows you to add bulk devices in just a minute through our mobile app. And there are 64 smart home and security integration scenes to add convenience and fun to end users.

Our dedication to quality guarantees that our products are of the highest caliber, and ur competitive prices make them accessible to every household and shop. Look no farther than Roombanker.

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