Outdoor Siren

Waterproof outdoor siren with lithium battery and solar panel ensure round-the-clock protection. Max. sound output of 105 dB with flashing lights to ensure a strong audio-visual deterrent.

outdoor siren alarm roombanker

The outdoor siren features built-in LED indicators and a powerful buzzer, designed for deterring unwanted intruders with its loud alarm and eye-catching visual alerts. When the detectors or sensors in the vicinity are triggered, the outdoor siren alarm instantaneously activates, promptly alerting you to potential danger.

IP65 Waterproof
Withstand rain, snow, strong winds
Dustproof and waterproof
Solar Charging
sola charging outdoor siren
High Customization
Energy usage tracking and analysis
outdoor siren high customization sound
Swift Reaction
Millisecond-level response
swift reaction fast outdoor siren
Energy-saving Design
Life span 4.2 years
wireless technology
Long range, low power, high security
RBF wireless technology

Simplifying Outdoor Siren Configuration with RB Link App

We have simplified the setup process of the outdoor siren to en hance user-friendliness. By following our 3-step guideline, you can easily configure the siren using our intuitive RB Link mobile app. This ensures a hassle-free setup experience, allowing you to activate the siren with ease.

open app add device
Open the app to add devices.
outdoor siren back power on
Power on the device.
registered successfully
The device is registered successfully.

Find the Perfect Spot with Outdoor Siren's Signal Strength Indicators

With the built-in signal strength indicators, the outdoor siren is designed to allow users to quickly identify the optimal installation location based on the signal strength testing results. In just a few minutes, you can complete the installation and start using the siren to enhance your security system.

outdoor siren signal strength indicators find perfect spot

Cutting-Edge RBF Protocol for Reliable and Secure Communication

The outdoor siren utilizes the cutting-edge RBF protocol, enabling stable communication with the Home Security Hub over a distance of 3100 meters, while ensuring secure data transmission. It is well-suited for various locations, including apartments, villas, and small shops.

ourdoor siren rbf 3100m

Quick Responsive Integration With Multiple Smart Devices

The outdoor siren is a vital component of security system. When the PIR sensor detects the intrusion and triggers the alarm, it immediately sends this info to the Home Security Hub. In response, the Home Security Hub commands the siren to emit a loud and attention-grabbing sound accompanied by flashing lights, quickly alerting people of the potential danger.

outdoor siren quick responsive integration

Uninterrupted Power System Makes Outdoor Siren Always Prepared

The outdoor siren boasts an ingenious power system that keeps it perpetually charged for unrivaled performance. With a built-in 1700mAh lithium battery and an advanced solar charging panel, it is able to keep the siren always powered. Even in environments devoid of sunlight, the siren remains unstoppable with its support for wired charging.

uninterrupted power system outdoor

Differentiate Dangers with Versatile Alarm Sounds

The outdoor siren supports for four distinct alarm sounds, including intrusion, emergency, fire, and medical alarms. Space owners can swiftly identify the type of danger present in their residence based on different alarm sound.
Additionally, the siren’s built-in buzzer allows for adjustable loudness, ranging from 85dB to 105dB. This enables space owners to set the optimal alarm volume based on the installation location.

differentiate dangers outdoor siren alarm 85 95 105

IP65 Waterproof Performance and Weatherproof Endurance

The outdoor siren is specially designed with excellent waterproof and dustproof capabilities, making it ideal for outdoor use. It can ensures uninterrupted performance in various severe weather conditions, including high and low temperatures ranging from -10°C to 55°C, and is able to withstand rain, snow, strong winds, etc.

ip65 waterproof outdoor siren

Tampering Protection Alarm to Secure Your Premises

The outdoor siren is equipped with a tampering protection alarm mechanism. In the event of unauthorized disassembly, an instant alarm is triggered and the alarm info will be uploaded to the Home Security Hub to push the message to mobile app.

tampering protection alarm outdoor siren

Resources Center

Outdoor Siren FAQs

When the outdoor siren is turned on, the blue light flashes continuously, which means it has entered pairing mode. Similarly, when the search operation is performed, the blue light also flashes.

When the outdoor siren already has a pairing record, you need to unpair the device on APPs, then press and hold the pairing button (you need to take apart the back lid to press the pairing button) on the device for 5 seconds. When you see the green light flashing continuously, the outdoor siren has entered pairing mode, and you can operate the app to connect to the RBF network. Another method is to scan the QR code on the outdoor siren to connect to the network.

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