Energy Management

monitoring and controlling energy usage for sustainable and cost-effective spaces

energy management

The Roombanker Home Energy Management System is designed to keep you informed about your space’s energy consumption. This system empowers users by providing real-time data on when and where energy is being used, enabling them to identify opportunities for savings. With an intuitive tool that breaks down energy usage, users can take timely measures to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

relay plug energy management
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live data display
Live Data Display
History Reports and Insight
History Reports and Insight
multi scene integration
Multi-scene Integration

Home Energy Management Devices Collection

- Hubs -

The Hub serves as the central control center for home energy management, facilitating communication among various devices within your space. It integrates a range of energy management devices, including smart relays, energy meters, smart plugs, and switchesand provides real-time monitoring of power consumption, offering a comprehensive overview of energy usage throughout your home.

- Smart Energy Sensors -

Roombanker Smart Energy Sensor is a real-time electrical monitoring device. It can be flexibly installed like a smart accessory for protective
and control devices, and then transfer the real-time data to Smart Hub with RBF wireless technology in a faster and more reliable way.

single phase meter
Single-phase Meter (RBF)
Coming soon…
three phase meter
Three-phase Meter (RBF)
Coming soon…
- Automation Devices -

Relay makes it possible to set scene-linkage to turn on/off output devices manually or automatically in milliseconds.

Don’t leave your safety to chance. Embrace Roombanker for smart, real-time environmental safety monitoring.

Energy Management FAQs

Smart home energy management system typically includes a central control hub, sensors integrated with smart meters, and compatible devices such as smart switches or plugs. By collecting data from sensors and smart meters, the system can provide detailed insights into the electricity usage of individual appliances, lighting, heating, cooling, and other energy-consuming devices throughout the home.


Through a mobile app or a web interface, users can access this information and receive notifications or alerts regarding their energy consumption patterns. This empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their energy usage and take immediate measures to optimize efficiency.

The value of an energy management system depends on your specific needs, priorities, and energy usage habits. Basically, it could potentially reduce your utility bills and save money over time.

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