Home Security Hub

Manage your entire space’s security and automation with a single hub.

*Wi-Fi, Ethernet, GPRS, 3/4G avaliable

home security system hub

Home Security Hub is a smart brain of secuiry and automation systems. It can connect and communicate with a variety of peripheral devices in your spaces, as well as arm and disarm your system. Roombanker’s Home Security Hub allows easy and quick DlY your own smart space solutions in a flexible way.

Wireless Protocols
Wireless Peripherals
one home security smart hub can connect up to 128 wireless devices
one home security system hub can manage up to 64 rooms
Multi-scene Integration
by arming / disarming
by alarm
by schedule
More ...
the smart security hub integrates multiple automation scenes
wireless technology
Long range, low power, high security
rbf safety long range low power
Visual Verification
Coming soon
visual verification rb link message
Mobile App
Access and Control with RB Link, Anytime Anywhere
roombanker home security system can be operated by an all-inclusive app
Optional External Antenna
home security hub has two optional eternal antennas
optional for enhancing wireless signals
Long-lasting Protection
Easy to Setup
Adding Devices Flexibly

Streamlined & Centralized Management Via a Single Hub

Roombanker’s home security hub offers convenience with its multi-protocol integration (RBF, Zigbee 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.2). Users have the flexibility to establish wireless networks tailored to the specific needs, and are relieved from the hassle of managing multiple hubs. You can now experience simplified automation and security management via only one home security system hub.

Hassle-Free Hub Setup with Beginner-Friendly Guides

The home security hub is designed for quick and easy setup. With the Wizard guidance, you can follow the step-by-step prompt to complete the configuration. Even novice users are able to complete the installation and system setup process in just 30 minutes.

Add Home Security Hub
Add Peripherals

Cutting-Edge RBF Technology for Secure Long-range Connectivity

The home security hub employs RBF technology and omnidirectional antennas, extending wireless communication range up to 3,500 meters (in open areas). It also features strong anti-interference capability, effectively overcoming building obstacles. With only one home security hub, you can achieve secure full space coverage and  greatly save deployment costs.

Ultra-long Communication Range
the smart home security hub can reach communication range up to 3500m in open space
Safer and Reliable Data Transmission

FHSS | TDMA | AES-CCM+ Encryption

most secure smart home hub by aes encryption

A Resilient Security System for Uninterrupted Operation

The home security hub incorporates multiple redundant backup mechanisms, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in adverse conditions, such as power outages and network disruptions.

Versatile Communication Options

Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and SIM seamlessly switch to ensure continuous connectivity.

the home security smart hub can can counteract network disruptions via multiple connectivity options
Reliable Lithium Battery Backup

The lithium battery offers 8 hours of independent power when the main source is disconnected.

the home security smart hub has a lithium battery backup for 8-hour operation

Visual Verification for Reduced Cost and Enhanced Security
(comming soon)

The home security hub supports adding PIRCAM for picture review or IP cameras for short video review, eliminating the need for on-site inspections and greatly reducing review costs. Meanwhile, this function simplifies evidence collection for genuine police calls.

GIF Verification
home security smart hub can add a PIRCAM for picture review
HD Video Verification
Video Clip verification

Your Places, Your Rules: 64-Scene Flexibility on Only One Hub

The home security hub simplifies scene setup by offering preset options for quick deployment and tailored scene options to your specific requirements. It support up to 64 scenes. Furthermore, the hub accommodates both manual and automatic operation.

operate smart home security hub via all-in-one app

All-in-One Mobile App to Master Home Control

The home security hub owns an all-in-one mobile app for centralized control of intrusion detection, home automation, energy management, etc. Real-time alerts ensure you never miss emergencies. You can also share devices with family members and configure permissions to enhance convenience for your loved ones.

OTA Updates to Keep the Hub Future-Ready

The home security hub ensures continuous improvement with regular updates, introducing new features with each OTA upgrade.

home security system hub can be ota updated

Select Home Security Hubs that Suit Your Needs

Home Security Hub Pico Home Security Hub Station4G
Wireless Protocol
RBF 868MHz / 915MHz for option 868MHz / 915MHz for option
Zigbee 3.0 checked-gray checked-green
Bluetooth 5.2 checked-gray checked-green
Wireless IoT Peripherals 64 128
Room 64 64
User 1 x Super Admin
4 x Admin
32 x Regular User
32 x Local User
1 x Super Admin
4 x Admin
32 x Regular User
32 x Local User
Communication Method
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps 10/100 Mbps
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
SIM Card checked-gray 3/4G
Alarm Notification Method
App checked-green checked-green
SMS checked-gray checked-green
Phone Call checked-gray checked-green
Back-up Battery
Battery Type checked-gray 2,500 mAH Lithium Battery
Battery Lifespan checked-gray 8 hours

Home Security Hub FAQs

The home security system hub is a in-home controller for your security alarm system. It can communicate with your security sensors like PIR motion sensors, detectors like smoke detector, panic alarm button to quickly activate alarm system, so as to establish a holistic network. You could use a mobile app to arm/disarm and remotely control your home security system.

The primary reason is to ensure reliable, uninterrupted security coverage for the home, even in the face of potential connectivity issues.

If WiFi or Ethernet service is spotty or go down, especially during power outages or network disruptions, the home security Hub will automatically switches to a backup Cellular connection to ensure continues monitoring and responding, without any gaps in protection.

Plus, burglars often try to disable security systems by cutting phone/internet lines - but a cellular connection thwarts this tactic. The hub also has an 8-hour battery backup, so it can keep functioning even when the power is out.

A smart home bridge can help integrate your existing devices into a new network or ecosystem. For example, a Zigbee to Matter bridge could connect devices using Zigbee protocol to the a Matter Fabric. Also, a Bluetooth to WiFi bridge enables users to access BLE devices via the Internet from any location. While a smart security hub connect and manages all smart device in your home.

You can manage your security alarms and home automation with a smart home security hub, whether you are at home or away from home. It enables you to DIY and install self-monitoring systems in your house, bringing round-the-clock protection to the next level. Buy DIY home automation and security system kits here.

Yes, when adding the home security smart hub into the system, you can manually enter the serial number to add it. The serial number is located at the bottom of smart hub, or you can find it at the back of the hub. Welcome to know more how to set up home security smart hub at this quick start guide.

The adding time for the home security system hub is 5 minutes, please make sure you add all the devices within 5 mins, you can find the all 3 LED lights flash green light alternately, which means it is in pairing mode. Also,

1. Please make sure home security system hub power is on;

2. Make sure the home security system hub is connected to the internet;

3. You can reboot the home security system hub and try it again, if you cannot add the devices, please contact us.

Our smart home security hub supported both wired and wireless connection, you can use WiFi and LTE connection. We recommend you use all 3 connection methods to ensure the stability of the connection.

You can use the disarm button the turn the flashing light off.

The smart security hub only supports connection to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router.

Before inserting the SIM card into the home security hub, please make sure you are inserting it in the correct direction and also ensure SIM card PIN is disabled on your phone. Also make sure you have enough balance in your SIM card account.

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