Shops & Store Security Solution

Our retail shop and store solutions features multi-user and multi-area cooperative management, as well as strong anti-interference capability, catering to various operational needs in commercial shops and stores. Our solution is going to help retail shop and store owners to confidently combat professional theft and burglar teams, safeguarding their businesses against potential breaks-ins.

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What Sets Roombanker Shop & Store Solution Apart?

Powerful Intrusion Prevention

Multi-role Collaboration Management

Define your own energy saving automation

Stable, Secure and Wide Coverage with RBF

Roombanker Shop & Store Solution Topology

Our Shop & Store Solution mainly use RFB, Zigbee and BLE technology to collect data from intrusion detection system, indoor automation system, and energy management system, etc., and upload the info via a Home Security Hub to the Roombanker. Users can view status update and remotely operate via our RB-Link app. The entire system topology aims to brings convenience and efficiency to your fingertips.

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alarm control panel for apartment
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Room-specific Solutions to Elevate Living Experience

Our all-inclusive smart shop solution is made to meet the particular requirements of various sections of your stores. It provides an efficient combination of mart security alarm system, intelligent automation, and sustainable energy management.

Shops & Store Security Solution FAQs

Yes, you can. Our solution supports various device types, and the App provides different roles and permissions to meet your management needs.

Please check our latest Roombanker Youtube channel for all the devices installation instructions. Also, you can find all the devices detailed introduction information on your Apps after you add them into your account.

We recommend that you set up as many sensors as possible and set up different scenes to match different states and situations.

In the RB link application, there is a button to detect device signal strength in each sensor. Please check the sensor carefully to make it in working condition and keep the better signal.

In our RB link application, you can create your own custom scene by configuring each sensor.

We currently have three devices that support power monitoring, they are: Wall switch, smart relay and smart plug.

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