Indoor Environmental Safety

Providing all-time monitoring to ensure your safety of fire and electricity, protecting your space against any threat.

indoor environmental safety

Discover peace of mind with Roombanker’s Indoor Environmental Safety Solution, offering cotinuous real-time monitoring for your indoor spaces. Our advanced wireless sensors seamlessly communicate with a Home Security Hub, providing you with instant updates on your environmental safety.

Rest easy knowing that our system will promptly alert you to any conditions requiring attention. Should an emergency arise, our Indoor Environmental Safety system will triggers an alarm siren and activates control devices to prevent disasters such as fire hazards or water leaks. Elevate your indoor safety standards and cultivate more secure and efficient spaces with Roombanker.

Fire Detection
smart home security hub can identify and prevent fire incidents.
Water-leak Prevention

Indoor Environmental Safety Devices Collection

- Hubs -

Hub is the powerful command center of Roombanker Indoor Environment Safety System. It empowers you to seamlessly connect a range of devices, including smoke detectors, water leak detectors, alarm sirens, smart relays, and wall switches. With the Hub, you can effortlessly customize and set up your own security alarm system in a flexible and user-friendly manner.

- Environmental Safety Detectors -

Provide multiple kinds of environmental safety monitoring detectors to protect the safety of fire and water.

- Alarm Sirens -

Siren could indicate an alarm event immediately to keep you informed in case of any environmental threat.

- Relays -

Relay makes it possible to set scene-linkage to turn on/off output devices manually or automatically in milliseconds.

Don’t leave your safety to chance. Embrace Roombanker for smart, real-time environmental safety monitoring.

Indoor Environmental Safety FAQs

Our indoor environmental safety monitoring system operates on a comprehensive setup comprising a central hub, a mobile app, multiple smoke detectors, water leak detectors, an alarm siren, and smart switches.

  • When a water leak or smoke is detected by the respective detectors, they promptly send an alert to the home security hub.
  • The home security hub synchronizes with the mobile app to instantly notify the occupants about the detected event. This ensures that you are promptly informed about potential safety hazards.
  • Through our system, you have the ability to pre-set rules. This means that you can configure automated actions to be taken in response to specific events. For example, you can program the system to automatically turn off related devices, such as electrical appliances, using a smart switch when a water leak or smoke is detected.

Our indoor environmental safety monitoring system is designed to provide comprehensive protection for both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring a safer and more secure indoor environment. It is suitable for various indoor spaces, including residential premises such as apartments, houses, and villas. It is also applicable to commercial scenarios like retail stores and shops.

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