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Make your spaces more livable and automated

Roombanker Home Automation Solution provides a variety of smart devices to automate comfort with temperature and humidity monitoring, as well as smart lighting, smart control and so on.

home automation products

Environment Comfort

The Home Automation Solution detects changes in home environmental parameters through temperature and humidity monitors, and then links various HVAC devices through Home Security Hub to keep the living space comfortable.

environment comfort

Automated Convenience

home hvac system

App remotely control of home HVAC system and adjust ambient comfort every time you return home.

automatically open garage door

Keyfob linked to the Relay to automatically open the garage door, and the Door Magnetic Sensor linked to the Wall Switch to automatically turn off the lights after driving out, etc.

automatically control devices

Automatically control devices through intuitive Time Schedule function, like Wall Switch linked to garden lights to automatically provide lighting when motion is detected at night.

Smart Home Automation Devices Collection

- Hubs -

Hub is the control center of Roombanker Smart Home Automation Solution. It enables you to seamlessly connect a range of environmental comfort and automated convenience devices, allowing you to effortlessly customize and establish your personalized home automation system like never before.

- Environmental Comfort Devices -

Keep monitoring the temperature and humidity, adjust the indoor environment in real time to provide you with a more comfortable living environment

- Automation Devices -

Relay makes it possible to set scene-linkage to turn on/off output devices manually or automatically in milliseconds.

- Control Devices -

Control device works as the human-machine interface for users to control the system locally

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Home Automation FAQs

Absolutely! Our products and system are specifically designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. We believe that home automation should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge.


With Roombanker's devices, you have the flexibility to create your own DIY home automation setup. Our goal is to empower you to personalize and optimize your living space according to your preferences and needs.


To assist you in the process, we provide DIY tutorials and videos that will guide you through the setup and configuration of our devices. These resources will help you make the most of your Roombanker products and unleash the full potential of your home automation system.

It works for remote control and management, as we have a mobile app that allows you to operate your home automation devices and systems from anywhere.

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