Smoke Detector

Smoke detector quickly detects smoke and serve as an indicator of a potential fire. It protects individuals and property from fire-related hazards and helps keep your space safe.

smoke detector rbf roombanker

The smoke detector always detects smoke and promptly triggers an alarm during the initial stages of a fire. Our smoke detector incorporates a built-in battery, ensuring long-lasting real-time standby detection. With its wireless design and simple structure, it can be easily and aesthetically installed on the ceiling.

Accurate Detection without Omissive Alarms
accurate detection without omissive alarms smoke detector
Zigbee 3.0
zigbee smoke detector
Low Power Design
3 years lifespan
Standard CR123A
low power design
All-inclusive App
Remote configuration and control with RB Link
rblink app pir sensor detail smoke detector

Quick and Straightforward Smoke Detector Setup

Activating the smoke detector is incredibly straightforward. With just three easy steps and by using our mobile app RB-Link configuration, you can swiftly set it up and make it ready to work. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind in no time.

Add Devices App Control
Open the app to add devices.
power on smoke detector
Power on the device and hold the registration button
smoke detector add successful
The device is registered successfully.

Exceptional Design for Performance Excellence

Accurate Detection without Omissive Alarms

Utilizing advanced photoelectric sensing technology, the smoke detector can precisely detect smoke concentrations, issuing an immediate alarm when the threshold is reached. This prompt alert notifies users to contact emergency services, extinguish the fire, or evacuate the premises, reducing or averting potential losses.

Flame Retardant Shell, Ultra-high Safety

Furthermore, the smoke detector is constructed using flame-retardant materials, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Its high temperature resistance allows it to withstand challenging environments.

smoke detector accurate detection
Screw installation
Paste installation

Adhesive or Screw Mount for Optimal Detection Efficiency

The smoke detector supports both adhesive and screw installation, allowing you to choose based on your preference. To ensure optimal detection results, we recommend installing the detector horizontally in the middle of the ceiling. This positioning maximizes its detecting effectiveness and ensures the best possible safety coverage for your space.

Enhanced Fire Prevention Through Home Security Hub Integration

The smoke detector features an independent working method, which triggers an immediate alarm when the smoke concentration surpasses the preset threshold. The built-in buzzer emits a loud 80dB alarm sound and the red indicator flashes rapidly. This alarm information is also transmitted to the Home Security Hub for further action.

Upon receiving the alarm signal, the Home Security Hub takes immediateaction. lt can command other smart devices, such as cutting off the power to the oven, and promptly push the alarm information to the mobile app for instant notification and further response.

enhanced fire prevention smoke detector
tampering alarm smoke detector

Tampering Alarm Secures Your Home with Confidence

The smoke detector has tampering protection alarm mechanism. In the event of loose installation or deliberate vandalism, the tampering alarm is promptly triggered, and the information is instantly pushed to the mobile app.

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Smoke Detector FAQs

When the smoke detector is in pairing mode, the LED flashes green. When smoke is detected or the pairing button is actively pressed once, the LED flashes red.

You can press and hold the pairing button on the smoke detector for 5 seconds. When you see the green light flashing continuously, the smoke detector has entered pairing mode, and you can operate the app to connect to the network.

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