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Roombanker, an innovator committed to developing user-friendly smart security and home automation products, is thrilled to announce that our remarkable lineup of devices are now readily available in the United Kingdom.

Thanks to our local partner WMR, customers in the UK may now easily and conveniently purchase the smart security and home automation solutions they desire from our online store (

Join Forces to Bring Next-Generation Home Security and Automation to the UK Market

With the rising demand for integrated smart solutions, Roombanker’s arrival comes at a time when UK homeowners are actively seeking innovative and user-friendly home security and automation systems.

Through our partnership with WMR, Roombanker’s products will be available to a larger segment of the UK market together with installation, upkeep, and technical assistance.

roombanker and wmr partnership

This much anticipated arrival will provide UK consumers who wish to experience cutting edge security and home automation options to make their homes smarter, safer, and more efficient with state-of-the-art technology and creative solutions.

UK Product Lineup

The UK product portfolio of Roombanker has been thoughtfully selected to cater to a wide range of client needs in a variety of contexts. UK consumers can take full control of their spaces, customize their security and automation systems, and benefit from a smarter, safer, and more efficient living or working environment with Roombanker’s products—whether it’s securing a residential property or retail shops, automating daily tasks, managing energy consumption, or ensuring a healthy indoor environment.

Intrusion Alarm Devices

Roombanker’s security alarm devices includes PIR motion sensors, door/window magnetic sensors, alarm sirens, and real-time alert App, in order to offer a proactive approach to safeguarding properties.

Home Automation Devices

Roombanker’s home automation devices simplify daily routines and improve convenience. They range from small smart wall switches that quickly turn equipment into smart ones to smart plugs that allow remote control of electrical devices.

Energy Management Devices

These devices assist users in optimizing efficiency and minimizing energy use. Users may monitor and control their energy usage with features like energy monitors and smart thermostats, which reduces costs and leaves a greener environmental impact.

Indoor Environmental Monitoring Devices

These devices help create a more comfortable and healthy living or working environment by keeping an eye on temperature, humidity levels, and air quality.

Continuous Innovation to Meet the Evolving Needs in UK Market

Roombanker gives customers the ability to design their own personalized security alarm and automation system with a wide selection of user-friendly devices and an intuitive mobile app. Meanwhile,  the advanced RBF ultra-long wireless technology ensures a powerful and secure users experience.

Roombanker understands that the needs and preferences of homeowners are diverse. As such, we continually expands and refines its product offerings to cater to a wide range of requirements.

Whether it’s providing comprehensive security solutions for large homes or offering compact and versatile devices for apartments and retail shops, Roombanker makes sure that its product lineup is adaptable to various living and working environments.

Don’t pass up the chance to use the innovative products from Roombanker. The wide selection of products from Roombanker is displayed in the recently opened online store. Welcome to explore them.

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