Making Home Alarm Installation Easier Than Ever: Adding Bulk Devices to the System in Seconds

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The rising popularity of easily-installed home alarm systems is evident in the market. Most of them are DIY home security kits featuring wireless designs that do not require drilling holes on walls and the flexibility of no contract binding, making them easily adaptable to different living spaces.

This article will expose you to a game-changing technique that lets you quickly add a variety of devices to your mobile app in a matter of seconds.

add bulk devices into the home security system

Why This Feature is Essential to Home Alarm Installation?

Home security companies have realized how important it is to have simple setup process and quick configuration speed as smart home security systems gain increasing popularity. In the fiercely competitive industry, this function helps home security system supplier improve the user experience while also draw in more clients.

Traditional smart home security system require users to add devices to the system for further configuration via scanning QR code on the devices one by one, so that they could be added into the system and shown on mobile app for personalizing more smart scenes. This process can be time-consuming, particularly when dealing with multiple devices, which is common in most home security systems.

So, is there a method that allows users to add devices more efficiently? The answer is absolutely yes! This is what makes Roombanker home security system special.

Our system features a bulk device adding function that sets itself apart. It enables users to easily add multiple devices into the system at once, eliminating the need for tedious individual device onboarding. By activating the bulk adding status on the hub and powering on each device, they are automatically added to the system within just a few seconds.

We invite you to watch this how-to video to see this smooth operation:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Home Security System

Here is a written instruction on how to finish the whole process.

Step 1: Activate Bulk Adding Feature on the Home Security Hub

Using RB-Link, the mobile phone app of Roombanker home security system, navigate to the “Security Hub” section and select “Add Peripheral” to enable the bulk adding function.

Step 2: Power Up Devices to Enable Automatic Enrollment Mode

Depending on the specific smart devices you have, power them on by either removing the insulation sheet or pressing the button for 3 seconds to activate their automatic enrollment mode.

Step 3: Watch the App interface for Device Recognition

Observe the mobile phone app as the devices are automatically onboarded. If any devices are not shown on the app, you can try putting them back into enrollment mode or refer to the User Manual for detailed instructions.

DIY home security system
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Final Thoughts

Home security hub serves as the central core of a smart security alarm system. It acts as a centralized platform, connecting and coordinating various smart devices, making it simple for users to manage and control all smart devices from one interface.

The bulk adding device function is a game-changer as it removes the necessity of manually configuring each individual sub-device. Users can easily add additional devices to the system with a quick and easy one-time operation.

Furthermore, when purchasing a new batch of smart devices, users can simply power them on, and the system will automatically handle the device onboarding process.

This streamlined process ensures that users will experience the pleasure and convenience that smart technology offers, taking control of home security like never before.

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